About Data Center

Data centers of the RENTER project

RENTER project uses for its work two geographically distributed data centers united by the reserved optic network:

DPC «NORD» (DataLine) (Company "Dataline, Moscow, Korovinskoe Shosse. 41)

DPC «Agava-Sever» (Dolgoprudny, Zhukovskogo Str., 3)

Internet channel

Stability and quality of communication provided by duplication of external channels.

At the moment, to the data center RENTER are connected TV operators such as:

  • — Beeline ("VimpelCom")
  • — RETN (JSC "RetnNet")
  • — Di-Net (ZAO "Digital Network")
  • — traffic exchange point DataIX

All connections are made via optical modules 10Gb / s.

Each uplink has excellent connectivity with MSK-IX

MSK-IX («Moscow Internet eXchange») is the largest in Russia point of the Internet traffic exchange (IX), located in Moscow. Included in the top five in the world IX.

MSK-IX is included in the 5 largest traffic exchange points in the world in the number of connected operators and in terms of traffic.

The list of participants and statistics MSK-IX published on the official website. On March 3, 2013 373 participants were connected to MSK-IX, the total peak of traffic through a network of MSK-IX overcome a mark of 1 Tbit / s.

Official site MSK-IX http://www.msk-ix.ru/


24/7 monitoring of highly qualified system administrators


Security system

Clock video surveillance in all areas and server rooms


The system is built on the cooling equipment of Hiref. Precision dual-circuit freon air conditioning TADR1002 with the downflow air is installed in the computer hall.

The cooled air from the air conditioner is supplied under a raised floor and then through the perforated floor tiles, blown into the "cold" corridors between the racks.

Air conditioning in the halls is reserving on according to the scheme N + 1 (one air conditioner in the room - a reserve). External condensing units (two for each air conditioner) are placed at the site next to the building.

Power supply

Electricity from the city served by two cable entries on the two step-down transformer.Uninterruptible Power Supply - APC-MGE Galaxy 7000.

UPS battery capacity is designed to operate client racks and data center information infrastructure for 6 minutes (time, enough to start the diesel engine with a large reserve).

Uninterruptible power supply is provided by a diesel generator set (DGS) in container type, working on the busbar that provides DGS a level of redundancy 3 + 1.

Oil and antifreeze in the diesel engines are constantly in a heated state, thereby generating set constantly ready to launch (start-up of the engine takes less than a minute).


Automatic gas fire extinguishing system

Data center is protected with automatic gas fire extinguishing system designed for early detection of a fire, the alarm and automatic fire extinguishing. As an extinguishing agent used Freon 125, which is stored in the fire-extinguishing modules.

A method of extinguishing - the volume by filling the protected space by vapor of refrigerant 125 to create a fire extinguishing concentration.Smoke detectors are placed in the working space of the hall and under the raised floor for detecting a fire in protected premises.