Additional Services

Additional options to your server

Name of the option Price per month Setup
Additionally 240GB SSD Intel 530* 890 rub. 500 rub.
Additionally 480GB SSD Intel 530 1350 rub. 500 rub.
Additionally 1 TB SSD 1890 rub. 500 rub.
Additionally 3 TB HDD SATA3** 450 rub. 500 rub.
Raid controller: Adaptec RAID 6405E 1150 rub. 500 rub.
Raid controller: LSI 3ware SAS 9750-4I 1990 rub. 500 rub.
Raid controller: LSI MegaRAID SAS 9271-4I 2490 rub. 500 rub.
Additional IP (up to 19 additional addresses on 1 server) 99 rub. 0
Subnet IPv4 / 24 (256 addresses) 16640 rub (65 rub/ip) 0

*Specify the presence of

**This option is available for all E5 and the following tariffs: Comfort E3v3 SSD, Premium E3v3 SSD, XXL E3v3 SSD, Comfort E3 SSD, Premium E3 SSD. It is possible to install up to 2 additional disks.

Location for storing backups (ftp)

Total Storage Price per month Setup
100GB free 0
500GB 300 rub. 0
2000GB 850 rub. 0

Network Services

Name of the option Price per month Setup
Announcement of IP-addresses without installation of additional equipment 1500 rub. 2500 rub.
Organization of BGP sessions with the client hardware 1500 rub. 2500 rub.
VLAN support 500 rub. 500 rub.
Additional network connection for the server without Internet access 500 rub. 500 rub.

Software Licenses

We are an official partner of developers and at the expense of the large sales volumes offer low prices on the products. Look:

Microsoft Windows Server OS

Name of the option License type Subscriber fee, per month Setup
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard per CPU 1020 rub. 990 rub. Order
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard per CPU 1020 rub. 990 rub. Order
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Today a Windows Server 2008 - is the most reliable operating system Windows Server. With advanced built-in web server and virtualization technology, it increases the reliability and flexibility of their server infrastructure, as well as helping to reduce costs and save time.

Enhanced security features are protecting data and network, and providing a solid, reliable foundation for the efficient operation of the company. Powerful tools give you greater control over your servers and optimizes the configuration and management.

Windows Server 2008, Standard - a powerful platform for web applications and services. Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 on Windows Server 2008 Standard are a completely modular, extensible Web server with enhanced capabilities to applications and unsurpassed compatibility.

5 ISPmanager Lite (without support)

Term of the order Price
Two weeks trial free
One month 260 rub. Order
Perpetual license 3840 rub. Order
The cost of renovation for a year 1490 rub. Order please contact Support

ISPmanager 5 Business (without support)

Term of the order Price
Two weeks trial -
One month 600 rub. Order
Perpetual license - unavailable

ISPmanager is a popular Russian control panel of dedicated and virtual servers from the company ISPsystem. With an intuitive interface and a low price for a license, it quickly gained popularity among hosters and their customers.

ISPmanager control panel allows you to perform all necessary actions with your hosting account, from the creation of the mailbox to edit the settings for PHP.

  • Users
  • Domains
  • Mail

Detailed differences between the versions of ISPmanager is available on the website of the manufacturer ISPmanager functional can be expanded by the connection of plugins.