My Account, a brief description

You can log into My Account through the web-page. All components of a personal account are accessible only via https. My Account is divided into two parts:

  1. Billing.
    In this part you can place the order and pay for it, communicate with the staff. support, etc. The domain of billing —
  2. Manage a dedicated servers.
    Here you can restart the server, automatically install the operating system on the server, open the VCR. The domain — or


The main page of your personal account contains all the basic information:

The main page of your personal account
  1. The amount of money on the personal account
  2. A summary of the active requests for technical support
  3. A list of the services ordered with the specified cost.

Link to the main page of billing is located in the upper left corner, next to the icon of house says "Home."

Let us describe the issues that may not be very obvious:

  1. In My Account as a client you have a personal account. If the account has sufficient funds, the payment for services can be made from the account. You can pay for the newly ordered service with any available method of payment.
  2. You can create additional payers if the payment can be made by several persons. For us, as Executor of the contract it does not matter on whose behalf the payment is made. The important thing is how much money you received to your personal account.
  3. You can create one or more additional users and set them different access right. For example, this may be necessary to allocate a separate user account for the system administrator, which requires access to the servers, but does not require access to financial information.
  4. If, after ordering the server you want to order additional ip address, do it as follows:
    • Choose "dedicated servers" from the menu;
    • Choose a server for which you need an additional ip address in the list;
    • Press on the icon "Config." on top of the screen;
    • Double-click on the item "The number of ip addresses" and enter the desired number. Note that the number of ip addresses for each server is limited.
  5. You can change your password and email in the "Toolbar Options".

Manage a dedicated servers

To start managing a dedicated server, you need to select the "Dedicated servers" in the menu of billing, select the desired server, and then click on the icon "to the server" at the top of the screen. The management of dedicated servers will open in a new window.

Manage a dedicated servers

Let us describe the issues that may not be very obvious again.

  1. The icon "Reload" causes a hard reset of the server. Reloading by pressing this button is almost similar to pressing the reset switch on the server.
  2. "ON" and "OFF" icons let you to turn off and turn on the network access to the server i7 (actually - it turns on and off the switch port). Note that if access to the server is turned off, you will not be able not only to reboot the server, but also to open the KVM panel. For E3 servers this command will power down the server.
  3. "Operations" icon allows you to download SystemRescueCD and to install OS on your server using our images. Installation is carried out automatically.
  4. Icon "Cancel" allows you to abort the installation of the OS on your server.
  5. Icon «IP-adresses» shows list of server's ips and allows to change PTR records.
  6. KVM icon opens a free KVM to your server, accessible at any time. KVM window opens via the protocol https.